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​​​​​​​​​The BC Visibility Coordinating Committee (BCVCC) works with stakeholders to develop a visual air quality protection and improvement program for British Columbia.  Formed in 2006, the BCVCC is a collaborative venture between B.C. Ministry of Environment, Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley Regional District, Environment Canada and Health Canada.


Follow the links below for more information on Canadian and international visual air quality improvement initiatives.

  • One study estimates that a single poor-visual air quality event in the Lower Fraser Valley can result in a loss in future tourism revenue of 9 million dollars.  Environment Canada, July 2000.
  • The importance of visual air quality is emphasized in Metro Vancouver's Clean Air Plan.
  • The U.S. National Parks Service has developed an Introduction to Visibility.

The work of the BCVCC has advanced on several fronts with expanded and improved visual air quality monitoring and modelling, enhancement of the ClearAirBC website, public launch of the visual air quality rating and the development of a stakeholder engagement plan. The 2015 BCVCC Annual report provide further details.


Additional work is reflected in the following documents:


Learn more about visual air quality in these fact sheets:


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